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Mon - Sat: 10am - 9pm


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Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm


Yarn, Knitting, etc.
Featured Yarns from HiKoo
Kenzie yarn
Simpliworsted yarn
Simplicity by HiKoo
CoBaSi yarn
NEW - Kenzie - NEW

The Flaming Ice Cube in Boardman, Ohio now has a knitting lounge area and offers knitting classes, as well as a selection of quality knitting needles, accessories, books, patterns, and luxurious yarns.
and more!
You can purchase some of our knitting items online, but that doesn't begin to compare to visiting our shoppe and cafe in Boardman where you can feel the yarns, sit and knit a bit, and enjoy our famous compassionate cuisine!

We have m-u-c-h more in the shoppe than what is available online. If you have any questions, please call us at 330-726-4766.

Yarn Needles

Featured Items (to see more products, click on category name at left)

*    NEW - Fall Pumpkins Kit
* NEW - Fall Pumpkins Kit
Price: $13.95

*   NEW - Cable Knit Ceramic Tumbler
* NEW - Cable Knit Ceramic Tumbler
Price: $16.99

*   NEW - Dream Club September 2013
* NEW - Dream Club September 2013
Price: $29.99

*  ON SALE - Keep Calm Cinch Bag
* ON SALE - Keep Calm Cinch Bag
Price: $4.89

*  ON SALE - Knit Together Cinch Bag
* ON SALE - Knit Together Cinch Bag
Price: $4.89

Laptop / Knitting Bag
Laptop / Knitting Bag
Price: $29.99

Kenzie Yarn
Kenzie Yarn
Price: $8.95

Simpliworsted Yarn from HiKoo
Simpliworsted Yarn from HiKoo
Price: $13.90


These are just some of our featured items. Click on the category name in left column to see more! You can see our calendar of events , here.

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